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LEM is the world's leading manufacturer of power sensors, but also a leader in the field of power sensors.
      As early as 1972, LEM company was established in Geneva, Switzerland, focusing on the development and production of the current sensor based on Hall effect and current sensors on the first streetcar for Switzerland. As the company grows, LEM Group, Switzerland Stock Exchange in 1986 and was awarded the 2nd prize at Geneva Industrial Merit.
       To give users a more comprehensive products and timely services, LEM in the business model for the continuous expansion and the scale of the development of different regions in the world: in mature closed-loop Hall current sensor based on the progressive development of the open-loop current sensor , Hall voltage sensor and the principle of non-Hall sensor; in Switzerland, Germany France and other mature markets, it had also opened up the United States, Russia, China, Japan and other markets, the establishment of the LEM USA, China, Japan branch. At the same time, LEM also many areas in addition to the railway to provide electricity outside of measurement products, such as: industrial, automation, automotive, and chemical industry.
       LEM Group for business in 2005 re-planning and integration, will be re-positioned our business to focus on power sensor and provide appropriate solutions. Today, LEM has a new look, new LEM is sure to have a new pursuit, must also give customers new products and services experience.
       LEM Group companies worldwide, sales offices worldwide. Including Geneva (Switzerland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Machida (Japan), Beijing (China), as four major production centers worldwide LEM. LEM LEM SA is headquartered in Switzerland R & D center, the main principles of development closed-loop sensors and new product planning and pre-research; LEM JAPAN is Japan's R & D center LEM, the main principles of R & D open-loop sensor; LEM has advanced power electronics research and development capabilities, with experienced the process, equipment design capability.
      LEM focus on customer needs, attention to product quality, promote 6Sigma, concerned about shareholder value and staff development. LEM results flourished during the 08/09 fiscal year, sales of 196.8 million Swiss francs. LEM now have 4 major business areas, they are: industry, rail, energy and automation, automotive. Main target market for the industry: drive, servo, power supply and UPS, welding, and the new solar, wind and other new energy installations; railway field as the main target market: railway locomotives, subway and rail signals; Energy & Automation mainly related to the battery monitoring and other fields; while the car is LEM new business areas, major concerns in automotive electronics and hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicle control.

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